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The Giovanni Bottesini Musical Association is pleased to announce the 7th International Double Bass Competion “Giovanni Bottesini”. The competition, organized by The Musical Association Giovanni Bottesini, in collaboration with Comune di Crema and Fondazione San Domenico, will take place in Crema from the 23rd to the 29th of Semptember 2019.


L’Associazione Musicale Giovanni Bottesini bandisce il VII° Concorso Internazionale per Contrabbasso “Giovanni Bottesini”. Il Concorso organizzato dall’Associazione Musicale Giovanni Bottesini, in collaborazione con il Comune di Crema e la Fondazione San Domenico, si svolgerà a Crema dal 23 al 29 settembre 2019.





The competition will take place in Crema from the 23rd to the 29th of September 2019 and it will be organized as followed:

a. First Round

b. Second Round

c. Third Round

d. Final Round with orchestra

A detailed program of the competition days will be communicated by 31st August 2019.

Prior to the audition, each competitor will be given the opportunity to reharse the chosen pieces with the official pianists of the organization for a time equivalent to the duration of the audition.

Each competitor can decide whether to use the pianists available by the organization or to be accompanied by their own pianist.

The organization will make available the rehearsal rooms which will be accessible from the day before the start of the Competition.

An information point will be opened from the day before the start of the Competition.

A detailed program of the competition days will be announced by the 31st of August 2019.


Preliminary regulations

• The musical instrument must have a string length of at least 102 cm.

• The candidate must play all of their chosen repertoire using solo tuning.

• The jury may decide to listen to the entire program, each piece or just an excerpt of the program or piece.

? Pieces do not need to be memorised by heart


a. First Round (behind the screen)

? J. s. Bach - Cello “Suite” n.3 in Sol


(La), Allemanda / without refrain (Ed. Peters)


? Fabio Vacchi – new piece commissioned for double bass which will be sent to the candidates six weeks before the start of the contest.


? The first movement (without cadenza) chosen from the following:


? K. Dittersdorf - Concerto in mi maggiore (Ed. Schott’s o Verlag)


? D. Dragonetti/Nanny - Concerto in la maggiore (Ed. Leduc)


? F. A. Hoffmeister - Concerto in re maggiore n. 2 (Ed. Ars Viva)


? W. A. Mozart - Concerto in la maggiore for Basson (Ed. Leduc)


? J. Vanhal - Concerto in Re Maggiore (Ed Doblinger)

b. Second Round

? First and Second movement from one of the following sonate chosen by the competitors:


? J. M. Sperger - Sonata in Si minore / without refrain (Ed. Doblinger)


? J. M. Sperger - Sonata in Re Maggiore T38 / without refrain (Ed.



? One composition chosen from the following:


? T. Auta - Hao Kadenza


? D. Ellis - Sonata op. 22 (Ed. Yorke)


? J. Francaix - Theme variè (Ed. Max Eschig- Paris)


? D. Gajdos - Invocation (Ed. Hofmeister)


? E. Xenakis - Thera (Ed. Salabert)


? H. W. Henze - Serenade (Ed.Schott)


? H. W. Henze - S. Biagio (Ed. Schott)


? F. Donatoni - Lem, prima parte (Ed. Ricordi)


? F. Zbinden - Hommage a Bach (Ed. Breitkopf)


? F. Rabat - Iberique peninsulaire (Ed. Lieben music)


? One of the following compositions by Giovanni Bottesini:


? Capriccio di bravura (Ed. Zanibon)


? Tarantella (Ed. Costallat)


Variazioni dalla Lucia di Lammermoor


? Variazioni dalla Sonnambula


? Variazioni da “Nel cor più non mi sento” di Paisiello


? Variazioni dal Carnevale di Venezia (Ed. Billaudot Costallat)

c. Third Round

? One composition chosen from the following:


? R. Gliere - Suite, Scherzo, Intermezzo e Tarantella (Ed. Kalmus)


? A. Misek - Sonata n.2 in mi minore (Ed. Fr. Hofmeister)


? F. Proto - Sonata 1963 (Ed. Liben)


? F. Schubert - Sonata “Arpeggione” / without refrain


? Giovanni Bottesini - Grande allegro di concerto “alla Mendelssohn”


? Two contrasting movements from one of the following concerts:


? V. Mortari - Concerto per Franco Petracchi (Ed. Ricordi)


? S. Koussevitzky - Concerto in fa diesis min.


? S. B. Poradowski - Concerto op. 26 (Ed. Polskie W.M.)


? N. Rota - Divertimento (Ed. Carisch)


? H. Tomasi - Concerto (Ed. Choudeus Paris)


? A. Trovajoli - Sconcerto (Ed. Ricordi)


? E. Tubin - Concerto (Ed. Karlings-Forlag)


? F. Zbinden - Divertimento (Ed. Schott)

d. Final with orchestra

? Giovanni Bottesini - Concerto n. 2 in si minore (Ed. Yorke)




Candidates waive all fees, including for any registrations or for transmissions made by public or private radio-television organizations, for which they give their consent. In addition, candidates must make themselves available for any concerts scheduled as a result of the Competition.


The competition is open to double bass players of all nationalities born between the 30th of September 1983 and the 23rd of September 2003.



First Prize “Walter Stauffer”: € 10.000,00 *

Second Prize “Camera di Commercio di Cremona”: € 5.000,00 *

Third Prize “LGH Linea Group Holding”: € 3.000,00 *

Scholarships: all the participants who pass the first round will be entitled to a Scholarship of € 400,00 *

Emilio and Luca Slaviero Prize: a double bass bow worth € 3.660,00 offered by the bow makers Emilio and Luca Slaviero

Marco Pasquino Prize: a double bass bow worth € 2.000,00 offered by the bow maker Marco Pasquino.

Other prizes or concert prizes could be offered by the organization.

* All cash prizes and scholarships will be paid within 60 days from the Competition Final by bank transfer. The scholarships will not be combined with the first three prizes.

It is the Jury's right not to award the prizes.

Ex-aequo are allowed.


Wies de Boevé Vedi Profilo

Bruno Giurana Vedi Profilo

Maria Chirokoliyska Vedi Profilo

Enrico Fagone Vedi Profilo

Christine Hoock Vedi Profilo

Franco Petracchi Vedi Profilo

Francesco Siragusa Vedi Profilo


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